Get more efficient

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Improve your efficiency with Premiere Pro by learning all the essential shortcuts in just 30 days.

What you Get..

  • Video examples of how to use each shortcut
  • Unique whiteboard videos to help you retain the shortcuts in your long term memory
  • Downloadable pdfs of each shortcut
  • Support via the comments section
  • Edit the professional way without constantly using the mouse
  • Can help reduce RSI from using the mouse on long editing sessions

How It Works...


Every day for 30 days a new short cut key video will be released which will guide you through how to use that specific shortcut immediately into your editing workflow


Every day you will get access to additional whiteboard videos to help you memorise each shortcut so they become second nature over time.


Each short cut comes with a pdf download to enable you to review groups of short cut keys during the 30 days so you can really commit them to long term memory 

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