Online Workshop - Get Pro on Premiere Pro

Want to take the impact and quality of your video content to the next level with Premiere Pro, create deeper viewer engagement and impress your clients? 

In this 90 minute online LIVE workshop, I’ll help you:

  • Edit video more efficiently in Premiere Pro - Using the best shortcuts and workflows all the Pros use.  Saving you time on all your edits
  • Create advanced visual effects 
  • Give your productions distinctive visual branding for deeper emotional impact 
  • Distinguish yourself from the crowd and take your video creations to the “next level” 
  • Be able to consistently produce broadcast quality video content

Sign up for the workshop, attend live (or watch the recording), follow the steps and walk away with the skills to set you apart from the average “learn by YouTube” editor.

Here’s what we’ll cover inside Get Pro on Premiere Pro workshop:

  • The exact techniques you need to take your video creation skills to the next level using Premiere Pro
  • My simple 3 step visual branding (grading) process to engage your viewers on a deeper level - Assess, Neutralise and Optimise
  • All the details “between” the YouTube tutorials so you don’t have to waste time searching Google - Plus a bonus follow up Zoom call for direct support from me
  • How to push your existing experience (and the software) to the limit, to get “next level” results to impress your clients
  • How to get out of an editing rut or randomly wander through endless youtube tutorials by gaining greater creative control of the software
  • PDF step by step guides to make it easy for you to refresh your memory without having to watch lots of video content again


We will get all this done in just 1 x 90 min focused workshop.  You’ll have access to the recordings and pdf steps so you can review everything whenever you want. 

I’ve also got your back with a followup Zoom session, where I can give you feedback on your videos created with the workshop content or answer any questions you have on Premiere Pro.


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