Online Workshop - Create Compelling Social Media Video Content with Premiere Pro

Want to create compelling social media video content, maintain creative control and save on freelance editor costs? 

In this 90 minute online LIVE workshop, I’ll help you:

  • Confidently edit video in Premiere Pro - Using the simple 5 step process all the Pros use
  • Create unique campaigns using titles and graphics
  • Optimise for each social media platform
  • Recycle existing content and revitalise old campaigns
  • Get more engagement on your social media channels
  • Acquire an essential skill for any social media marketing professional

Sign up for the workshop, attend live (or watch the recording), follow the steps and walk away with your first eye catching social media video post or series... super simple !

Here’s what we’ll cover inside the Creating Engaging Social Media Posts with Premiere Pro workshop:

  • How to edit in Premiere Pro the easy way without all the fluff
  • All the details “between” the YouTube tutorials so you don’t have to waste time searching Google - Plus a private Facebook group for direct support from me
  • The exact skills you need to make your next social media video marketing campaign using Premiere Pro
  • PDF steps to make it easy for you to refresh your memory without having to watch lots of video content again
  • Social Media motion graphic templates that you can customise for your campaigns

So that's it..

We'll get all this done in just 1 x 90 min focused workshop. 

You’ll have templates that you can customise plus access to the recordings and pdf steps so you can review everything whenever you want.

I’ve also got your back with the private FB support group, where I can give you feedback on your videos or answer any questions you have on video marketing or Premiere Pro


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