Colour Grading and Effects in Premiere Pro Gift Edition

Get access to the recordings of a 3 hour online live class taking you through how to colour correct and grade like a Pro in Premiere Pro led by Adobe certified instructor Andy Day.

Here's what's covered:

1 . Colourists Jargon

This 1st part of the course will cover all the terminology and tools use to perform corrections to our footage. You'll gain all the background info you need to help you make non-subjective accurate decisions on your own projects.

2. Correcting Individual Shots

In Part 2 we'll be covering how to use the Lumetri Panel to correct exposure and colour balance issues in individual shots. This includes white balance issues, over exposure and re-composing shots.

3. Creating a look for your projects

Finally in part 3 we'll use the creative aspects of the lumetri panel and other effects in Premiere Pro to create a stylised look to your project. This is where you can express your creativity to strongly influence the effect your video has on the viewer.



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